What is the burner platform?

It is an electronic platform that provides online printing services with high quality and competitive prices. There is also a delivery service within the Kingdom.

How can I register on the burner platform?

From the main page click on "Create Account".
Fill out the registration information and click "Register".

What are the print options available?

There are five basic options for printing:

Sheet size, for example (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5).
Paper type, for example plain paper, glossy, sticky, bond, and so on.
Print color (white and black, colorful).
Paper side (one side, two sides).
Packaging option, for example without packaging, side stapling, wire wrapping and more.
You can also find out about the options currently available by going to the price calculator on the homepage www.alnaasekh.com

How can I convert a Word or PowerPoint file to a PDF?

The method is very easy and ensures the overall coordination of your document remains constant after uploading.

Log in to your file.
Then from the "File" menu, press "Save As".
Choose the appropriate place to save the file, the appropriate name, and in the format field select "pdf".
Then choose "Save".

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